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Founded in 2016 by Terry Hashimoto based on patented Tsunami Flex Bar Technology and inspired by the Original Team at Tsunami Sports

Terry Hashimoto’s :

Terry Hashimoto – Profile

Born March 14 / 1958

LINKEDIN : https://ca.linkedin.com/in/terryhashimoto

Manitoba Golfer of the Year three times and a finalist five more times over a 22 year span from 1976 – 1998.

Terry at the age of 40 was a Finalist for Manitoba Athlete of the Year in recognition of being the only golfer to ever win the Provincial Amateur, Mid Amateur and Match Play Championship in the same year.

Attended the University of Miami on a Golf Scholarship and the winner of 7 collegiate events from 1976-1980.

He played Professional golf from 1986 – 1988 finishing 17th on the order of Merit in 1988 despite playing less than half the events.

Hashimoto opened Manitoba’s 1st Golf Store in 1981 called the Caddy Shed and in 1991 was the founder of Jazz Golf, Canada’s largest Golf Manufacturer from 1995 – 2005, taking the Golf Company public in 2000.

Terry Developed the worlds 1st Speed Rated Series of Graphite Shafts, Polymer inserted Sand Wedges, 500 CC Driver, Dual Ported Hybrids and in 2003 built Canada’s 1st 3 hole Golf Course and Training center called Champions Nest.

In 2010 Terry’s company TGH Golf Designs developed the worlds 1st Inertial Measuring Device for Golf called Pocket Pro that went on to become known as Sky Pro. In 2012 Terry worked with SmartSkin a company in New Brunswick Canada that developed the worlds 1st Golf Pressure Grip connected to an Inertial Measuring device that could monitor grip pressure during all points of a golfers swing.

Terry was inaugurated into the Manitoba Golf Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 2012 Terry began working with Patientech Vista in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada a leading edge medical company developing sensor fabric for medical applications. Terry was the leader in the development of BodiTrak Sports for Golf and a Co Developer of the product.

Today Terry remains with Vista Medical / BodiTrak in the role of director of Director of Medical Balance and has dedicated his body of work to improved Human Balance for Return to Play, Fall Prediction and Medical Imbalance and is excited to incorporate the use of the Swing Balance Tools into every day use, both sports and therapeutic.

www.boditrak.com, www.golfpressuremapping.com, hashimototerry@gmail.com

From Left to Right: Terry Hashimoto, Rob Thames, Michael Ramsey, Ken Taylor, missing George Bryan III