Swing Balance and ALINE to work together

Terry Hashimoto / Founder / Swing Balance:




"It’s with great pleasure that Swing Balance announces we are working exclusively with ALINE to provide our many thousands of existing Pressure Mapping customers access to the finest Balance Orthopedic Insoles in the world...And offer new Swing Balance Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Medical Balance Practitioners and Trainers a complete solution to improved human balance through sport...On a personal note, I'd like to thank CEO Derek Carroll for the opportunity to work with Team ALINE and looking forward to building the balance market in the same manner we approached the world of Golf Pressure Mapping" 


“We are thrilled to partner with Swing Balance. There are tremendous synergies between the way ALINE insoles revolutionize the way people move and the innovative technology behind the Swing Balance pressure mapping system and software. We look forward to communicating the unique product features and benefits to our respective customer bases” said Art Rogers, President Global Sales and Marketing for ALINE.


As part of the collaborative work agreement, ALINE insoles will be sold on the Swing Balance ecommerce site (swingbalance.com) and The Balance Bar pressure mapping mat and software will be displayed at select ALINE tradeshows throughout 2018.




Founded in 2005 by a team dedicated to improving performance and health from the ground up, ALINE patented technology optimizes a golfer's performance by properly aligning the back, hips, knees and ankle.   This helps reduce lower body fatigue and improves swing mechanics, resulting in maximization of ground force reaction for more distance and accuracy.  Proven by 13 PGA Tour wins, Olympic Gold Medals, over 100 X Games medals and doctors across the country, ALINE is designed for performance in sports and life.  ALINE makes similar equipment for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Cycling, Gym Workouts, Running, Walking and General Fitness activities.  ALINE...what's inside counts. 


For more information on ALINE visit their website at www.ALINE.com.